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Joyce Vanderhorst, RN ret. 

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Confused about child care in Sedona, AZ and websites? Please do not confuse my website with Sedona dash -child care. I've owned since 2013, and in 2014, a Sedona resident trademarked my website name of to use as hers. There is only one Sedona Nanny (TM) in Arizona, and my websites are, & Also, the Sedona Nanny never asks for credit card info over the phone BEFORE your children are cared for. 

   Sedona Nanny Childcare is a Full Service Vacation Nanny!

The Sedona Nanny has available for rent to families that book me for Sedona AZ child care: life jackets for the pool, pool toys, 3 wheel jogging/off road stroller, booster seat, high chair and other baby/toddler items that make traveling easier.

    Why Hire a Professional Nanny
 to Care for Your Family?
After 36 years of caring for people in the medical field, you can be assured that your children and family will be professionally cared for in a warm, non-judgmental, confidential way that will meet your family's individual needs. Diversity in families and children are welcome. A LGBT caresedona friendly business.

Short notice/same day child care in Sedona or Flagstaff may be available. Please call me at home as well as my cell phone if you want to reach me. As a resident of Oak Creek Canyon, cell coverage is minimal where I live.

The Sedona Nanny can be booked for as little as 3 hours. I'll arrive at
your hotel/resort with age appropriate child friendly activities books, arts & crafts, Playdough, and other things to do both indoor/outdoors. Most of my play activities involve evaluating and improving fine and gross motorskills. We may go on a nature walk around the resort or learn to play whiffle/kick ball.

For infection control reasons, Playdough and other toys may be left with your child. All other toys and equipment are sanitized using a 4 step method recommended by the CDC. If your child has a fever, runny nose or is sick, let me know ahead of time so I can bring child friendly activities and games that can be easily cleaned or left with your child. However, if your baby or child is acutely ill, you will need to cancel child caresedona services. The Sedona Nanny schedues one family a day to minimize contact between children and babies. For infection control reasons, the Sedona Nanny does not carry plush or soft toys. The Sedona Nanny can also arrange a box of of carefully selected new toys and activities to be delivered to your resort that your children can play with while on vacation and take home with them.

The Sedona Nanny prefers the TV, laptops and other electronic devices are turned off after she arrives unless parents give prior permission. Sometimes children are tired from a long vacation day from lots of time in the pool and hiking, combined with an altitude/time zone change, and a quiet afternoon or evening watching a child friendly movie can be arranged. Book Sedona AZ child care today

Resort/Hotel Nanny & Caregiving Services
Book me to provide childcare at your Sedona or Village of Oak Creek Resort while you hike or MTB the beautiful trails, then enjoy dinner with just the two of you. Take the oldest child out for a few hours and go on a Jeep Tour while I care for the toddlers. Book the Sedona Nanny for child care in Flagstaff & Sedona, AZ when making your resort/hotel room reservation. 

Sedona Nanny is also available to take your children on their own adventures on the Verde River Train, Out of Africa, Jerome, Montezuma's Castle and Well and many other kid friendly places in and around Sedona, AZ.    

            Weddings & Special Event Group Child Care
Sedona Nanny Child Care is available for small to large sized Special Events, Family Reunions and Weddings. Give your wedding guests the gift of child care. Parents can enjoy an adults only wedding while their children are close by having fun with child friendly, age appropriate activities. I have extensive experience in the logistics of setting up an infant, toddler and a children's play area with activities to keep every child busy. Group Child care can be provided up to 50 children with additional prescreened nannies.

                                              Joyce Vanderhorst, pediatric RN ret.
                                              Cell  928 202-6682
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